How To Style Your Jewelry as an Expert

1. Create layers with necklaces and bracelets With Jewlera

Let's start with something exciting and fun! Stacking the necklaces and bangles you're wearing is also a fun idea once you've put your clothes together and realize you have room for extra jewelry.

Layering means adding multiple elements of the same type of jewelry to create a dynamic look. For example, add a touch of sophistication by adding a gold short necklace and a gold medium he necklace to your outfit. This creates the illusion that the necklace is acting as one piece of jewelry for her. You can do the same with bangles by wearing several different bangles on your wrist to add some sparkle to the fit! The trick here is to match the elements of your jewelry when layering.

2. Mix Jewlera's metal

If you want to try something new, try mixing metals when styling your jewelry. At first, we recommend matching different bracelets, rings or bangles with different colored metals until you find the right fit. You can also try wearing a combo piece (a necklace or bracelet piece with multiple metals) first.ย 


3. Earrings for a pop of color

Another great way to style your jewelry is with earrings that pop in color. Earrings can tie an outfit together with minimal effort. When you find a new pair of earrings to add to your collection, think about how different colors can complement your skin tone and make your outfit stand out. Imagine your closet - what are the most common color types in your closet? If you wear a lot of red, choose sparkling red earrings.

4. Know When Too Much

It can be easy to go overboard with your jewelry, especially if you're experimenting with new ways to style your pieces together.Avoid this mishap at all costs. Always check your complete outfit in the mirror before you start and don't go overboard with your jewelry. Always walk in the most confident way and don't wear anything that makes you uncomfortable or uncomfortable. If you are happy with the jewelry you have chosen, we will show you!

5. Personalizedย Jewlera's

If you have a fairly simple or neutral outfit, this is a good time to style it up with a personalized piece.This is a unique or slightly different piece of jewelry that will tie your outfit together and make a statement of course! Without it, your outfit is likely to feel boring. If you're feeling daring, personalize your outfit with unique pieces to create a fresh new look.

6. Wear minimal jewelry with patterned clothing

Always remember to wear minimal jewelry if you're wearing animal prints, stripes, stars, polka dots, etc. When you wear patterned pieces, you don't want to overburden your outfit, so let the patterned garment be the center of your outfit instead of distracting it with embellishments. Do not show off your attire. But with practice, you'll get the hang of it pretty quickly.