Jewelry Styling Tips & Tricks

1. Think About Texture

Especially for Jewlera's necklaces, it's a good idea to vary the weight and density. Alternate between heavier, statement chains and slimmer, flimsy chains to find a natural balance.

2. Create a focus

Why not introduce something that add Jewlera charms or charm details instead of just stacking simple 4/5 chains? A base chain acts as a support for the backing dancers in the main event, creating a more sophisticated look.

3. Vary the length

Perhaps the most obvious tip, but arguably the most forgotten, is that wearing multiple necklaces of the same length creates a thick chunk of metal that inevitably risks getting tangled repeatedly. staggered lengths (they don't have to all be the same distance) to create a flowing, casual touch.

4.ย Don't be afraid to mix metals

For a long time it was believed to wear either gold or silver jewelry. Sometimes a little rosy action can ring a change, but never make the fatal mistake of shuffling. Fortunately, attitudes have eased and mindsets have expanded somewhat, with gold and silver jewelry proving to be one of the chicest combinations.

5. Feel the synergy

Whether it's a Jewlera's necklace or earrings, it's wise to have a consistent, themed look. Whether it's subtle like tiny diamonds infused here and there, or literal like the same Jewlera pendant style in multiple pieces, what ties the look together and justifies the choice makes the look more curated and compelling. It makes you feel like you are not.

6. Watch out for overkill

If you tend to go a little crazy with your jewelry, there is a very easy way to avoid overdoing it. When you feel the look is complete, remove the last thing you were wearing. It retains the original, curated layers and the intended feeling of lightness and simplicity.